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Hi, I'm Carly. I'm a freelance copywriter based out of Houston.


I write website content, marketing copy, social media content, press releases, and case studies. If you have other special projects, we can talk about those too.


Check out my work and my thoughts on business communication. If you like what you read, I may be a good fit for your project.



High Performance Copy


Communication really is an art form. Doing it well requires a flair for the creative and at the same time, plain old perseverance. For business, communication also has a strategic purpose. How well you do it is measurable. Whether you look at response rates, click through counts, or social media shares, if your copy isn’t getting you the results you want, it’s time to try something different.



Strategic Communication


I believe that it’s important to know what exactly you’re saying (content), and why exactly you’re saying it that way (style). You don’t need process maps and flow charts to figure it out, but your strategy should inform your communication. I can help you define your strategy, set your tone, and articulate your content.



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