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Web Content and marketing Copy


Great copy, like beautiful design, is elegant and functional. The Internet is more stimulating than Times Square. There are millions of pages of copy. Why would someone spend time on yours?

The answer is this: You make it easy. You offer relevant information and possess an economy of words. Intentional simplicity stands for purpose and confidence.

I can help you pare down, spice up, and deck out your copy.

Social Media Content


A social media presence is an essential tool for most businesses. It's an exciting and immediate way to engage with your customers and fans. They're already out there having a conversation – why not join them?

Facebook, Twitter, and company blogs are great places to get started. I can help provide direction for your social media messaging, create content (including graphics, pictures and videos), and communicate a consistent company voice.

PrEsS Releases


With the Internet, the audience for press releases has expanded beyond the realm of the press. Customers can easily find your news releases online, or hopefully, at your website. Because of this, you have the opportunity to speak to your consumers in language they use and language that represents your brand.

I can craft jargon-free, un-boring press releases that will grab the attention of the media and your customers.



A surefire way to keep your audience engaged is to provide relevant, timely information. You have expertise. If you can translate that into thought-provoking news or evoke a sense of experience with your product, you can count on audience capture.

Case studies and articles are great ways to do this. I can help you determine strategy and tone, and then write compelling content.

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